Lecture about Assistive Technology for Older Adults and People with Disability at Chang Gung University (Taiwan)


29 March 2022 · ·


Chang Gung University (Taiwan), EGOKITUZ (UPV/EHU).

Poster announcing the lecture.

On March 29, Dr. Sandra M. Espín Tello gave a lecture on the use of assistive technology in older adults and people with disabilities for master’s students in Occupational Therapy at Chang Gung University (Taiwan). During the session, the most recognized theoretical models on which both the design and recommendations/prescriptions of assistive technology are based (or should be based) were reviewed, the acceptance and abandonment of assistive technology based on the lifespan perspective were analyzed, different types of classification were explained and, finally, a review of the research studies that are being carried out in EGOKITUZ on the use and design of assistive technology was carried out. The students were highly interested during the lecture, and there was a rich discussion at the end of the session, especially regarding the differences and similarities in the assistive technology provision between Taiwan and Spain.