Elaborating a Web Interface Personalization Process

Pérez J. E., Valencia X., Arrue M. and Abascal J.

2015 -


Línea investigación:
Modelado de Usuario e Interfaces Adaptativas
Autores (p.o. de firma):
Pérez J. E., Valencia X., Arrue M. and Abascal J.

This paper builds the required conceptual model for implementing adaptation systems intended to provide a personalized navigation experience for any user. To this end, aspects such as the users’ needs, preferences, and navigational behaviour are taken into account in order to select the adaptation techniques to be applied for each particular user. The validity of the proposed conceptual model to provide the necessary components and mechanisms for implementing suitable web personalization systems is shown by means of a case study. 

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Interacción 2015
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Vilanova i la Geltrú
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